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Pricing Guide for All Dresses

How to estimate the cost

The cost of altering, redesigning or custom tailoring can depend of many factors like....

  • The type of material (the shell)

  • The design and construction

  • Linings

  • Number of inner layers

  • Zippers and Zipper locations

  • Appliqués (foreign materials sewn onto dress 

  • Beads and tussles 

  • Finishing

  • The time it needs to alter or complete

  • The date of pick up

  • how many operations you do on a garment

  • Corporation, understanding, communication and attitude

  • Condition of the garment and how old is it

  • Measuring and preparation it needs

  • Level of caring required at work

  • Any other thing that can be a factor of costing

Text  detailed pictures with following information to receive online estimate depending on the information you provide: 

  • Two out side pictures (front/back)

  • Two inside pictures (front/back)

  • Any other pictures that can help

  • Adequate information about the garment, the work you need on that , the date drop off / pick up etc,.

  • When you don't provide enough information, the the price may go little higher, in order to stay on safe side......

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