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Q-What type of garments you do?

A-We do all types of garments, men and women

Q -Do we need appointments?

A- No, You can walk-in, its always good to call before come. if you have a Bulk drop-off, Group order or anything that takes time to set up, please make an appointment.

Q - Do we have to pay up front or make a deposit,

A- You don't have to; depending of the factors like, same day pick up etc, you may be requested to.

Q-What is the turnaround time

A- It is negotiable depending on the date you drop-off and pick-up, we always try to get it on the day you want it, so it can me 15 minutes to three weeks depending on the work load in progress, the day you walk-in, how many garments you do, what kind of alteration you need etc, however our statistics show the average turnaround time as 2-3 days

2010 - present
2010 - present
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