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Winter Jackets

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We do all types of work on Winter Jackets as well. Winter Jackets are not like Suit Jackets which are completely standard in construction. Winter jackets can be different in:

  • Weight

  • Material

  • Use of Lining

  • Application of Zippers

  • Stuffing and Insulation

  • Waterproofing and Stitching

  • Reversibility 

  • Construction

  • Many other factors 

The cost ​of Alteration or any changes will depend on these differences and therefore you have to bring the jackets in for proper evaluation. We will explain you alternative solutions to cut down your cost. Texting detailed pictures on our online evaluation link will help you to have some idea about the possible rage of expenses.

If you don't find what you look for please call us still we should be doing it .......

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